How Can Healthcare Application Testing Help In The Success Of Your Telemedicine App?

This infographic shows just how big of an impact cyber attacks have on the industry and what the future looks like as a result. We’ll help you drive down testing costs and substantially boost efficiency with our automated continuous testing approach and skilled use of AI and ML. As a Qualitest client you get access to some of the best technology available in the software testing world. We have developed advanced, intelligent tools that take testing and data & knowledge management to a new level of efficiency, while providing invaluable insights.

If you’re looking for the right QA team to test your healthcare app, choose a company that follows the workflow we’ve described. Here are some other criteria to help you choose a team to check the quality of your app. At RubyGarage, we use an automation testing approach during regression checks to speed up the testing process, ensure product stability, and prevent any impact on your product due to future modifications. Your healthcare app will only win if you extend its functionality with the help of external tracking devices.

  • Finally, you need to be familiar with their business and what pharmacy software is intended to do.
  • That is why it is recommended to have in your QA team specialists with profound domain knowledge and rich experience in the most various types of software testing.
  • Gain insight into how websites or applications change as load levels fluctuate.
  • Post-release testing support involves maximum coverage of the system coherence with each added functionality.
  • The healthcare sector has been loaded with technological aids, thereby, augmenting the need for application security testing.
  • Tricentis centralizes test management, execution, and reporting to increase collaboration, efficiency, and accuracy.

While they already had Selenium set up in their environment, they needed a tool that could complement their existing Selenium framework, allow for easier maintenance and be accessible to all members of their QA team. While a small subset of the team members includes test engineers who can code, the rest are manual, business testers who spend an inordinate amount of time working on repetitive manual test case scenarios. Many healthcare companies such as International SOS, Sanofi, and CSS Health use Perfecto Scriptless as their test automation platform to meet these business needs, all without restructuring their existing teams. In general, the healthcare sector comes under strict scrutiny from regulatory bodies. With the telemedicine applications coming into healthcare, the number of regulatory standards to comply with has only increased.

Making emulators or digital twins for complex hardware testing by eliminating the need for actual hardware. Easily connectable to third-party devices due to its ability to communicate over Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus, OPC UA, and PROFIBUS. Real-time simulation for testing of embedded code without the need of system hardware. Selenium has a large and active community that provides support and constant updates for better automation. By deploying testers from HealthAsyst, you can save significant time of your clinical staff and let them focus on their core functions.

Security and Privacy of private health data are the main concerns for healthcare software testing and are applicable for all healthcare applications. As a leading Digital Validation platform, Tricentis Vera enables healthcare companies to leverage the tools and processes needed to meet business demands while ensuring that compliance is seamlessly achieved and verifiable. With a nimble and embedded approach providing 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and automated technical controls to manage review and approvals, healthcare teams can deliver speed, quality, and compliance in their critical applications. Compliance testing checks whether a healthcare app meets corresponding regulatory requirements. The necessity to comply with the corresponding government healthcare regulations is one of the main peculiarities of healthcare applications. For example, HIPAA defines the requirements for data security in healthcare applications.

Healthcare Software Testing Resources

Check if applications (e.g., web and mobile versions of health insurance applications) interact with each other and with the client’s electronic medical record. However, developing high-quality, feature-rich, and up-to-date software is never easy. The precision of data is crucial for healthcare, and customers need to be sure they can trust the app they use. The integration of AI, ML, and advanced data analytics tech significantly contributes to achieving maximum accuracy. Tricentis Data Integrity is uniquely prepared to help you establish data quality processes that are as proactive and rigorous as your organization’s healthcare programs. The focus on preventative care and performing the “right” services for a patient are being scrutinized and monitored like never before.

healthcare application testing

Here, the architecture should define the different components of the system, the protocol to communicate with insurance companies, and how to deploy the system so that it complies 24/7. As a SaaS solution, Perfecto Scriptless was also ideal for supporting the company’s agile and DevOps processes. The company could simply roll out Perfecto Scriptless across all three of their teams, which offered a platform for them to easily share their test steps and scenarios they created, as well as reuse and modify each other’s work. Using Perfecto Scriptless, each team could also run cross-browser test executions in parallel to adapt to the frequent release cycles. This Director of QA oversees dozens of web applications, directed at different end-users operating in a wide range of work environments.

Testing Challenges In Healthcare Application

However, interactions between your app and wearable trackers may be a point of friction. Among the most common issues related to wearables are an app not seeing a device, an app seeing a device but not being able to connect to it, and a device connecting but being unable to transfer data. What makes interoperability so challenging is that every hospital and every piece of software can use its own data format, database type, and functionality logic. Such lack of uniformity, especially with legacy systems, creates an additional layer of possible issues.

As healthcare software offers complex functionality and multiple user roles, tracking dependencies among test cases is important. HL7 is a set of standards for the exchange, integration, and retrieval of electronic health information. HL7 ensures global medical data interoperability and provides the possibility to access and use relevant health data securely. App design and architecture flaws can cause real harm when it comes to healthcare solutions. Even if it is only because of the lack of intuitiveness in navigation, no one wants to make the user of a medical app suffer even more. Moreover, healthcare solutions are ones that have the highest probability of being used by people with various kinds of disabilities.

Healthcare Domain Testing is a process to test healthcare application for various factors like standards, safety, compliance, cross dependency with other entities, etc. The purpose of healthcare domain testing is to ensure quality, reliability, performance, safety and efficiency of the Healthcare application. The healthcare application should be secure to keep the patients’ personal information and other confidential data protected from hackers.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure the data is properly encrypted and safeguarded from unauthorized access during the overall exchange process. It is crucial to stay watchful during transmission since data leak can cause a major blunder at such a stage. The role of security testing works as a shield and permits a safe transfer of data. When conducting healthcare application testing, there are many government regulations that the tester must be aware of. These regulations are automatically a part of any requirements, even if not explicitly stated. For the healthcare industry in the United States, the main law for these regulations is HIPAA.


For overall system testing, pharmacy management systems also need to communicate with other systems, e.g. insurance systems and welfare systems. These systems will confirm or reject the transaction, so communication needs to be stable and reliable. Predictive text input is also a powerful function in pharmacy management systems so efficiency is very important. People always want to type as few characters as possible and then have the expected result appear in a list. These are dates and times of appointment to a doctor, bills, recipes, etc., because even a small glitch can have consequences. Do not forget that all this functionality should be checked for software’s native, mobile, web, and hybrid versions.

That’s why your QA team has to check that your app can freely communicate with all the medical software it’s integrated with. Indium will follow several strategies to perform various compliance tests to ensure the application security. Below are the types to testing requirements involved during testing for FEDRAMP requirements. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program is a risk-based approach to adopt and leverage the cloud by the federal government.

healthcare application testing

Traditional load testing tools do not have the capabilities to support multiple application frameworks and protocols. The EveryStep Web Recorder supports a wide variety of dynamic web application frameworks and protocols. Besides, you should also perform maintenance testing in healthcare to discover device problems or various other application issues time-to-time to help users get the best software experience. Inversely, QA is the promise that users from the medical industry will have a positive experience, and they will get complete satisfaction for whatever the products and services they will use of healthcare companies.


Once, the telemedicine app is fully developed, this test authenticates the app’s connectivity to different downstream systems, including the claim system, provider portal and finance system. This test is undertaken in an integrated software and hardware environment to validate the complete system’s operability. Moreover, SIT considers both the low- and high-level software requirements as mandated in the datasheet and design document. Performance test medical software platforms and applications to ensure a responsive, stable, and reliable experience, even in the most demanding conditions.

It is pretty obvious that we cannot test any software properly without functional testing. Moreover, there is no sense to embark on other types of testing if functional testing has not been conducted. It is important to generate a report after each testing iteration to provide information on all performed testing activities and test outcomes. Testing reports help to understand whether the healthcare app is ready to be delivered to the market. This stage is of high importance, as requirements can also contain ambiguities that will cause serious bugs in the developed app.

You don’t have to take our word for it – they will gladly tell you how it has transformed their bottom line. Knowledge Base Quicks tips Healthcare Application Development and tools for getting more out of our software. Customer testimonials See how organizations are using Automai’s products and services.

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Trying to fit a previous generation of technologies into modern Agile and DevOps toolchains delays quality feedback—increasing risk exposure while driving up testing costs. Tricentis NeoLoad accelerates performance testing to keep pace with the volume, velocity, and variety of today’s software releases. Tricentis centralizes test management, execution, and reporting to increase collaboration, efficiency, and accuracy. Results from commercial, open source, and custom/home-grown testing tools are analyzed and visualized in custom dashboards within your reporting platform of choice. Real-time integration with Jira and other tools provides full requirements traceability.

What Kind Of Benefits Will You Get, If We Test Your App?

The better way is to go with Test Automation for Healthcare Mobile Device Testing because it allows you to reduce the waiting time and boost your development. Our strong automation testing framework is to find out early defects as well as automatic generated test report sent to mail in regular basis. Through our Epic Test Automation partnership with SureTest, Novant Health reduced the time needed to thoroughly test our EHR application upgrades and future rollouts while minimizing disruption of clinical staff. SureTest is eliminating tens of thousands of tedious testing hours for individual health systems right now.

Pharmas 6 Crucial Digital Health Challenges And How To Overcome Them

We’ve assumed the costs for sourcing, training and developing engineering talent so you don’t have to. We deliver expert testing resources or can augment yours to cost effectively ramp up or down to meet your needs. We’ve developed modern, Offshore and Nearshore facilities with the latest testing labs and technology to meet your needs, fully aligned with US-based and localized leadership. A seasoned QA team with extensive experience should know how to streamline communication and collaboration to make differences in time and distance imperceptible. Reports are necessary after each testing iteration to document all testing activities and final test results. With these reports, you can see the big picture of your app’s readiness to hit the market.

AppsWatch offers a unique front-end approach that looks at application performance exactly as a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, radiologist, front desk clerk, or other end-user experiences it. Technology manages every point of care — from patient admissions and physician rounds to medical records and bed management. And the need for effective performance management solutions is more urgent than ever. Any medical device, EMR application, OS, browser or API — Eggplant tests across all your platforms and use cases through a single, intuitive UI. Test automation with frequent cycles for various provider applications dealing with sensitive patient records, and highly graphic images.

Increased efficiency and productivity through implementation of healthcare systems that make the lives of patients easier while improving patient outcomes. This can be difficult as software becomes increasingly complex with more 3rd party databases and modules. These additional capabilities bring about many permutations of how users will actually use the system. Every app requires interoperability to be part of the bigger healthcare technology system. It may consist of various devices, such as smartphones, smart wearables, fitness equipment, etc. The integration of different technologies and platforms requires all sorts of APIs to bridge this gap.

Healthcare providers are increasing testing speed and efficiency by modernizing their testing infrastructure with Tricentis. We enable unprecedented rates of test automation, plus seamless traceability via real-time integration into tools such as Jira. Start by tackling your most pressing challenge (test management, end-to-end test automation…), then easily expand as expectations shift and new challenges emerge. Manual testing allows testers to check the user interface elements of your app that are difficult and often impossible to check via automated tests. The automation approach, on the other hand, optimizes testing and allows QA engineers to streamline repetitive checks. To avoid customer dissatisfaction and make sure your app doesn’t have any of these problems, your quality assurance team needs to check its compatibility with all the devices you’re planning to support.

A slow or poorly performing application or program is frustrating to anyone. However, in the case of the healthcare industry, unresponsive and slow applications can lead to far greater consequences than just annoyance, such as risks to patient safety, employee productivity, and quality of care. LoadView test can be carried out in real browsers, and from multiple geographic locations, providing the most accurate end-to-end performance results. Intelligent test automation is essential in enabling healthcare software to work seamlessly with medical equipment to improve patient care and reduce costs. It’s important for the test strategy and plans to include which parts of the regulations apply and to ensure that the right rules are included in the test case design to guarantee proper test coverage. Without this kind of specific domain knowledge, it is difficult to test healthcare software and ensure its quality.

Kualitatem specializes in providing the right mix of licensed & open source tools to help achieve a balance of time and money. We have a wide skill set across creating and maintaining solutions for functional and performance automation. A very successful UAT and production phase where test coverage was cent percent covering entire gamut of tests from functional, security to performance. The project scope was met, automation strategy planned for the Insurance applications were achieved and overall customer was very happy with the products going LIVE on time.

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